Published Work

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Working Papers

  • "Reexamining Ideological Asymmetries in Motivated Reasoning and Openness to Political Information" (with Christopher Johnston)
  • "Congress Tweets: A Machine Learning Approach to Constructing Ideology Estimates for Legislators" (with Gregory Spell and Sunshine Hillygus)
  • "On the Origins of Demographic Misperceptions: Why Does the Public Overestimate the Size of Minority Populations?" (with David Landy, Tyler Marghetis, and Cara Wong).
  • "Evaluating the Use of Twitter to Measure Public Opinion" (with Sunshine Hillygus and Chris Bail)
  • "Numeracy and the Effect of Numeric Information on Public Opinion"
  • "Principled or Partisan? The Role of Political Principles and Values in a Polarized Era" (with Jesse Lopez)
  • "The Challenges of Conducting Large-Scale Electoral Surveys Online" (with D. Sunshine Hillygus, Nicholas Valentino, & Kirill Zhirkov).

Research in the Media